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Regarding meeting together for worship and ministry at SGBC.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Federal and State governments have implement various limitations in the gathering and movement of people in order to help slow the spread of the virus. These limitations are being updated and adjusted as the crisis changes.

Gatherings for worship are now not possible.

The Elders and deacons have decided upon the following measures.

This coming Lord's day, there will be no meeting or service.

This applies until restrictions are lifted

We have videoed a Scripture reading, Sermon, etc, which should be uploaded Saturday evening on our YouTube chanel. Subscribe to be notified when there is uploaded.

We would encourage everyone to set aside time to worship and pray as families and incorporate the sermon into your time.

This measure will be weekly until restrictions are lifted.

We will also be sending more information to those listed in the directory and those who have
started attending recently.


Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church is an independent reformed church that was formed
in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide in 1979 by christians who were concerned
to uphold the historic teachings of the baptists.

We seek to conform our teaching and practice to the revelation of God’s word.
We believe that there is always a need to search our hearts and ways and to be
ready to correct them if necessary – thus we are a reforming church.


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